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Toronto Star's Delacourt frets about possibility of pro-worker populism taking off in Canada

Toronto Star: '...This is a moment in Canada, maybe a pivotal one, and there’s an existential question at the heart of the chaos: Is Canada undergoing a political earthquake — a shifting of the tectonic plates under our democracy — or a large-scale national security incident, a one-off? In the newsroom, we might ask: Do we put our political reporters on this story, or our war correspondents?

'It is both a political and a national-security story, obviously. But on the political side, views are incredibly complicated about what exactly has been unleashed in Canada these past few weeks...

'Good news: their research has shown that Canada, unlike the United States or Britain, doesn’t have the required ingredients for a populist movement to take hold in any real way.'

Susan Delacourt thinks it good news that populism (i.e. a popular movement, of and for the people) won't take hold. Bad news for the elites and for power-hungry statists: populism is here and it will continue to take hold until our institutions once again serve the people.

Steve Bannon talking about our populist era, while debating the war criminal George W. Bush's former advisor, David Frum, in Toronto:

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