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Toronto Star hates liberty, criticizes Pierre Poilievre for seeking to make Canadians freer

A Toronto Star contributor who hasn't like another, to our knowledge, used racial slurs to condemn those he disagrees with, suggests that it is ridiculous for Pierre to demand more freedom for and on behalf of Canadians.

Rick Salutin cites Canada's standing on a 'freedom index'—the legitimacy of which he then immediately calls into doubt—to refute the need to make Canada freer, before losing whatever point he sought to make in a curious case of verbal diarrhea. If one picks through the conceptual excrement, itself a testament to Salutin's strength as a playwright more so than as a political writer, they'll find throwaway allusions to FDR, the American Civil Rights movement, and Percy Shelley. If he wanted a sense of the freedom Pierre has in mind (i.e., to criticize), he ought to have passed over the Forest Gump montage of American history and instead cracked open F.A. Hayek's Constitution of Liberty.

A country where self-defense is all but criminalized, relatively speaking; where your livelihood can be taken from you and you can be prevented from buying food if you reject a dangerous, ineffective experimental medicine; where property rights are tenuous at best; where government funding is contingent on a pledge to support partial birth abortion; where the government tracks your movement without informing you; where you can be arbitrarily forced into quarantine; etc., can stand to be freer. Let's hope Poilievre is successful in achieving that end.

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Nov 28, 2023

All of his arguments that he told are genuine because freedom of speech and act is not available there and also they are forcing the people to follow the legal and illegal laws.

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Oct 25, 2023

The newspaper argued that his proposed bills would make Canadians less secure and make them prey to the whims of big business.

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