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The Western world is looking to Canadian energy

TNC: 'We have been missing a fundamental change and opportunity. Canada has the capability to step up as a senior partner in a world concerned about resources and the environment. There have been many voices warning about the importance of including energy security and our strategic interests as part of our policy on environment. Unfortunately, the Canadian response has been mired in 20th-century environmental ideas. We missed several opportunities for mega projects to bring resources with world leading environmental performance to international markets. Sadly, where the world and Canada finds itself in the present moment, ’I told you so’ is cold comfort....

'Canada can and must step up as the senior partner guaranteeing security of resource supply that is environmentally responsible. We need to not just continue to be a leader in renewables but also a leader in an emerging trillion-dollar market in new carbon-tech. Through new efficiencies, sequestration, and recycling of CO2 into valuable products, Canada can lead the way on an energy transformation that will see fossil fuels like natural gas competing with renewables to be low emissions energy.

'If Canada does step up, it will empower our senior partners to stand up along with us to confront authoritarian states like Russia. It will also finance Canada’s ongoing leading environmental and social programs – and it might even allow us to consider investing in becoming northern military specialists and guard the Arctic not just for Canada but for our NATO allies.'

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