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Subramanya: Trucker convoy exposed hypocrisy of Canada's left-wing elite

National Post: 'The denigration of the protesters continued when the headlines had been taken over by the Ukraine crisis. Commentators, and an especially egregious cartoon in a major newspaper, mocked the protesters’ fight for freedoms, comparing them to Ukrainians fighting for their very lives after the Russian invasion. This devious and tendentious comparison between two very different situations is a little akin to doctrinaire Marxists who dismiss the concerns of the petit bourgeoisie as illegitimate because they benefit from the capitalist system. The truth is that the fight for individual liberty isn’t legitimate only when your country has been invaded but is an ongoing struggle against an overreaching state just about everywhere. Freedom doesn’t just happen but often must be fought for, whether the rights of women, minorities, or, in the case of the Freedom Convoy, a working class that have been all but forgotten....

'...The protests and aftermath are already leading to a realignment in the Canadian right and has sent ripples throughout the world. Erstwhile docile Canadians have finally experienced an awakening that they have fundamental freedoms and liberties that governments can’t mandate and legislate away. This awakening comes not from academic updates about Hayek and Friedman in Ivy League classrooms but from the lived, hard scrabble reality of those for whom freedom is not a theoretical concept but an existential one. Ironically, this awakening is being understood and celebrated everywhere, except in Canada, where the out of touch elite continue to mock and denigrate their fellow Canadians.'

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