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Strokes, blood clots, wheelchairs: BC patients describe reactions to the jabs all but forced on them

Vancouver Sun:

'As British Columbians were starting to get COVID-19 vaccinations in December 2020 and the first half of 2021, health officials were behind-the-scenes carefully tracking serious side-effects from the shots, according to documents recently released under the Freedom of Information Act.

'Although the 42-page released contains few examples of severe reactions, those that were flagged sparked immediate responses from health leaders who were monitoring the millions of Canadians getting the new vaccinations.

'A June 7, 2021 email to Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s provincial health officer, revealed that a person in the Interior Health region suffered a “severe stroke” after getting the Pfizer vaccine, which was deemed to be “an adverse reaction” to the shot.

'“Doctors in B.C. … agree that the vaccine was the catalyst for his stroke. We cannot change this for (name redacted) but investigating this might prevent someone else from suffering the same outcome,” said the email. The sender’s name was removed.'

Oh look! The experimental gene therapies forced on us by the Trudeau regime & all the provincial governments held captive by Ottawa for federal dollars were not only wholly ineffective, but also dangerous & in many cases lethal. To make matters worse, we can't even sue the Big Pharma companies, which knew these clotshots were dangerous.

Never mind the brain clots and the heart inflammation killing / injuring young people the world over. Here're two new revelations worth mulling over: it has been confirmed in a recent study that the booster shots don't work (SOURCE), targeting older strains, and that the clotshots mess up men's sperm (SOURCE).

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