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State media accuses rural communities of "ignorance", demands cultural conformity with cities

State Media: Colin Butler: 'A new study from Western University suggests Ontario's small towns and rural communities need to learn cultural acceptance and racial tolerance in order to stave off their own economic and demographic decline.

'The research was conducted last March and surveyed hundreds of immigrants, Indigenous and racialized people in nine regions in southwestern Ontario, including the London, Hamilton, St. Thomas, Guelph, Sarnia and Niagara regions, and their outlying rural communities.

'Victoria Esses, a psychology professor and the director of the Network for Economic and Social Trends at Western University, said results of the study suggest greater incidents of discrimination in smaller communities, compared to medium-sized cities, because of the monolithic nature of rural life.

'"People depend on stereotypes and depend on those negative images to drive their attitudes and their behaviour," she said, noting that in small towns, experiences of discrimination based on race, skin colour and cultural identity were far more common than they were in medium-sized cities, such as London, Hamilton or Niagara.

'The acts of discrimination ranged from acts of cultural ignorance, to employment discrimination, exclusion and even violence, including verbal and physical assaults.'


TPC: State Media advancing the cause of Big Business & Leftist Elites

The identitarians on the left, the mentally obese in academia, Big Business, and the kakistocrats helming the state, all now tend to think in racial terms and seek ideological uniformity. Their go-to strategy is to smear their opposition, dissenting voices, the working-class, & civilization as racist.

Remember the multi-racial peaceful Freedom Convoy protests? Those protesters were called racists. This week in the U.S., Justice Clarence Thomas upheld the American Constitution. He, a black American, was roundly denounced as a racist (for ending Roe, which got 19 million black babies aborted since 1973), and curiously also called the n-word by a Toronto Star pollster. Punctuality, gentrification, meritocracy, and mathematics? Racist.

Why is the Liberal pravda presenting this issue in racial rather than in class terms?

The reason this is presented in racial terms is not because racism is ubiquitous or even a problem unique to small towns (or Caucasians for that matter). In fact, hate hoaxes abound because actual haters are so few and far between. Rather, this manufactured issue is presented in racial terms to provide a smokescreen for a large part undergirding the real issue: class warfare.

The Great Resignation, an aging population, low fertility rates, and the firing of the unjabbed all exacerbated labor shortages in Canada. Raising wages and improving benefits was one option that some companies pursued. The rest of them?

Big Business leaned on Ottawa to vastly increase the number of immigrants brought into Canada each year. This, with all the federal subsidies and loans on offer to business that hire non-Canadians, was a cheaper option than raising the pay for Canadian citizens.

Much of the inbound traffic is from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Jamaica, Philippines, Iran, Sri Lanka, China, Syria, and Bangladesh, in particular. The number of immigrants coming from Communist-occupied China and India has been relatively high over the past ten years, although there has been a marked uptick in immigration from the Philippines. Owing to the war, many Ukrainians are now coming over (the first surge of immigrants from Europe in a generation).

These immigrants tend to settle in the big cities, but companies in small towns are keen to take advantage of the 'newcomer discount', so they've everywhere rolled out welcome mats.

Canada has been relatively diverse for a long time. It's been tolerant and accepting for an even longer time. The alleged reluctance in small towns, if more than mere fantasy on Esses' part and others, is more likely in response to wage-suppression and fierce competition with foreign nationals. Canadians of all races are getting kicked to the back of the queue and for this, the cosmopolitan elites pat themselves on the back with wads of cash.

Culture wars, disguised as racial antipathies

There is another reason why state media and the cosmopolitan elites like to frame this as a racial issue, besides it actually being a class issue. It comes down to the secular, degenerate, Epicurean, leftist culture dominant in the cities being reproached and rebuked by rural Canadians.

Rural towns and hamlets tend to boast higher religiosity; they tend to prize family and community more than deviancy and global initiatives; they tend to be less radical in their politics, and more small-c conservative--all loathsome qualities to the post-citizens in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.

The working-class woman in Mitchell and the Kawartha dairy farmer are both detestable to Esse's ilk, not because they're racist (they're not) but because they won't willingly surrender their posts and accept the relativism necessary for cheap labor and hostile ideologies to enter unimpeded. They don't sign onto the notion that Canada is post-national and that, accordingly, the nation being dissolved owes the citizen nothing more than the next person deplaning at Pearson.

The elitism and big-city prejudice on display in this CBC article, as well the majority of Dr. Esses 'scholarship', presumes the worst about small towns. Small towners are regarded as backwards and inferior. They're not. Their residents are among the best of us.

These criticisms are even more unbearable when always presented without context or parallel. So-called monocultures in rural areas are denigrated while all other cultures are extolled and celebrated, and demonized while urban rot, crime, and tribalism are ignored.

All this to say: to hell with the post-citizens, and God bless small-town Canada!

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