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'Sovereign' but entirely dependent: Canada to give >$20Bn to natives for child welfare

National Post: 'The federal government has signed a $20-billion final settlement agreement to compensate First Nations children and families harmed by chronic underfunding of child welfare on reserve, which Indigenous Services Canada said Monday was the largest such deal in Canadian history....

'...“The parties have agreed on a plan for settling compensation claims to recognize the families and people who have suffered tremendously through discriminatory and systemically racist child-welfare practices,” Indigenous Services Minister Patty Hajdu said in an interview.

'The federal government announced in January it had reached agreements in principle, which includes $20 billion for compensation and another $20 billion to reform the First Nations child-welfare system over five years. The full $40 billion was earmarked in the 2021 fiscal update.'

Why are kids and families underfunded when billions are already fed nonstop into the reserves? Corrupt chiefs, elders, and band leaders, who'd rather buy a nth house in Florida or take care of their cronies. Say so and do something about it, you might solve the problem. But paternalism and lies are preferable to our political elites.

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Dec 13, 2023

Canadas recent decision to provide more than $20 billion in funding to Indigenous communities for child welfare is an important step towards recognizing the autonomy of Indigenous peoples in the country.

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