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Sebastian Vettel's oil sands protest is 'over the top hypocrisy': Jason Kenney

Toronto Sun: 'Kenney visibly relished the chance Thursday to denounce Vettel as a hypocrite after the German driver showed up at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for the F1 Canadian Grand Prix in a T-shirt that described the oilsands as “Canada’s Climate Crime.”

'Vettel also wore a specially designed helmet during practice and qualifying sessions Friday and Saturday that featured the same slogan, along with pipeline graphics and images of natural forest juxtaposed with a post-industrial wasteland, and the message, “Stop Mining Tar Sands.”...

'...Vettel drives for Aston Martin, which is supported by Saudi Aramco — a Middle Eastern petroleum giant with “probably a higher carbon footprint than virtually anybody on the planet,” Kenney said.

'“I think is a perfect learning moment for us to say that the opposition to the oilsands is coming from people who do not have an inkling about what we do, and are often covered in hypocrisy.”'

Vettel, a mentally-obese Euro backed by Islamofascist oil kings antipathetic to Western energy independence (if we didn't prop up the Wahabbist terror regimes, their people would eat them alive) should only sound off on what he knows: driving and warming the laps of autocrats.

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