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Russian intel leak: Communist China planning to invade Taiwan in the fall

Newsweek: Weakness invites aggression. The genocidal CCP, responsible for the pandemic, knows that America is rudderless under the usurper Biden (as Canada is under Trudeau; France under Macron; etc.), so it will invade Taiwan and make sure to do so before President Trump is re-elected and before the rest of the West bucks up. If the war in Ukraine has historical parallels to the Spanish Civil War, the invasion of Taiwan will be akin to Germany invading Poland.

'The letter in question is part of a series published by France-based Russian dissident Vladimir Osechkin, a human rights lawyer who runs, a website documenting abuses in Russian jails. Osechkin claims to have received seven letters since Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The FSB whistleblower has painted a detailed picture of fear and chaos inside Russia's principal intelligence service, where apparently none but a select few were aware of Putin's plans.'

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