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Queen Victoria cancelled in Toronto, public school renamed to Dr. Rita Cox-Kina MInogok

TNC: 'A group of black activists and Toronto school officials have quietly cancelled Queen Victoria.

'The name of a Parkdale public school was changed near the end of June from Queen Victoria to Dr. Rita Cox-Kina MInogok public school.

'The change came with little fanfare, likely considering the outrage from several at the prospect of cancelling history when the project was first announced in May of 2021.

'Since its founding in 1887, the school had been dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria, who ruled the British throne for 63 years.'

Canada's woke Taliban and Mentally-Defective Maoists seek to rid Canada of its great and proud history; to invent whole cloth the history teachers will teach our kids; to commit iconoclasm so that they can control our past, present, and future. To hell with them all.

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
2023년 10월 11일

But I am still not clear about the point that why did they cancelled queen victoria can you explain this more to me?

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