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Prohibiting demonstrations will stamp out social justice activism

Toronto Sun: 'It’s one of the oldest plays in the book — a crisis is followed by new laws that are intentionally broad enough to be applied to just about anybody considered inconvenient.

'That’s what we’re seeing with the Ontario government’s Bill 100, Keeping Ontario Open for Business Act, a piece of legislation that could do little more than stamp out and criminalize many labour actions, like strikes and picket lines, and critically important demonstrations on issues including racial justice and meaningful climate action.

'The legislation, which would permanently prohibit demonstrations and blockades on “protected transportation infrastructure,” like land or water border crossings and international airports, is, on the face of it, in response to the convoy from earlier this year. This has some superficial appeal given the havoc that things like the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge and the occupation of downtown Ottawa caused....

'This piece of legislation has to be torn up and, moving forward, governments must never again get the idea that they can use the cover of a crisis as an excuse to push policies that are meant to harm their critics.'

First they came for the truckers, and I did not speak out, because I was not a trucker....

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