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Petty class-action-lawsuit now targeting everyone who donated to the Freedom Convoy

Toronto 99: 'The class-action lawsuit against participants and organizers of the Ottawa ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest has grown to $306-million, and now targets anyone that donated to the cause. Individuals that donated money to the convoy through GiveSendGo may be added to the lawsuit, according to lawyer Paul Champ.

'Did you donate money to the ‘Freedom Convoy’ on GiveSendGo? You may want to talk to a lawyer. Paul Champ, the lawyer spearheading the class-action against the trucker convoy, is threatening to go after people that donated to fundraiser, on top of suing the organizers and participants.'

They will not succeed in this endeavor. First, the prohibition on donations was done retroactively. Second, there is nothing unlawful about donating to a peaceful cause or to peaceful protesters.

If you receive a summons, contact the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms.

National Post: 'The amended lawsuit was announced at a Thursday morning media conference by Ottawa lawyer Paul Champ, who on Wednesday successfully extended an injunction to silence demonstrators’ truck horns for another 60 days.

'Champ said private investigators had been gathering information about the trucks at the demonstration, logging licence plates and tracing owners through provincial registries.'

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