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Ottawa's unjust energy transition paints a bullseye on western Canada

National Post: Bill Bewick: 'Clearly, the federal government’s economically devastating regulations are being pushed forward by people solely focused on Canada’s emissions, in utter disregard for what the world actually needs right now, and with disdain for the real environmental progress that has been made in both sectors.

'These aggressive regulations seem also to be pushed by people making a cold political calculation: a look at the electoral map shows the current government gets little to no MPs from the places where farmers and energy workers live.

'If Quebec and Ontario were home to the oilsands, nobody believes their key sector would be singled out like this. Likewise, If the ruling party relied on farming communities for political support, it would not be pushing a radical cut in fertilizer use...'

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Oct 24, 2023

As per my observations these aggressive regulations were by people making a cold political calculation because government get this from farmers and energy workers live places.

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Oct 16, 2023

The transition was criticized for lacking support for alberta oil and gas sector, which has been a major driver of canada economy for decades.

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