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One Party State: Political wonk says confidence-&-supply deal between Liberals, NDP is unnecessary

CTV News: 'The deal says NDP MPs will side with the Liberals on key votes until 2025 — meaning they won’t bring down the government over the coming budget, for example, which is expected to be released in the next few weeks. In return, the Liberals have promised movement on some key NDP issues. But the document released by the Prime Minister’s Office on Tuesday is short on details about how that will happen.

'Where it could become problematic, she said, is if the Liberals use it to truncate debate on important bills. It's too early to know whether that's where things are headed. "There's an obvious incentive here to take everything and jam it into an omnibus budget bill so that everything has to go through," she said. "There is a loss for accountability if that's where this ends up."'

The only difference between the LPC and the NDP is that the former hates Catholics more and defends dressing up in blackface, while the latter likes TikTok more and believes there are 33 additional genders to the previously established 79.

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