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Moderna's non-clinical summary for Spikevax is itself evidence of scientific & regulatory fraud

TS News: 'The vaccine-derived antibodies transfer from mother to child. It was never assessed by Moderna whether the LNPs, mRNA, and spike proteins transfer as well, but it is reasonable to assume that they do due to the mechanism of action of these products. This should have been tested, and risks to the child should have been assessed, as the baby’s major metabolizing organs, such as the liver, are very small.

'Any “overdoses” or uncontrolled expression of toxins such as spike protein could pose serious life-threatening risks. This was never disclosed to the pregnant and breastfeeding women who were being bullied and coerced into these experimental injections. The FDA/CDC did not request to exclude pregnant and lactating women from the population for whom the vaccine should be recommended until such studies could be completed. The FDA then lied and reported “no skeletal malformations” in the non-clinical study in rat pups, despite this being clearly reported by Moderna and even statistically and temporally associated with the pregnant rats experiencing clinical signs of vaccine-induced toxicity.

'Even if the FDA’s “expert opinion” was that it is not related – we should ask the question, why are they concealing the critical safety-related information from public and making the product look better than the manufacturer has admitted? The FDA they did not have any objective scientific evidence, excluding the skeletal malformations being related to the vaccine. Thus, the information should have been disclosed fully in the label of this experimental and poorly tested product, not hidden from public for over a year, and then disclosed only under a court order...'

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Nov 27, 2023

Yes, I have read the full research article on this topic and it was the complete vaccine that derived antibodies and also transfer from mother to child.

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