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Leger: 45% of Canadians support euthanizing the mentally ill

TNC: 'Nearly half of Canadians want those suffering with serious mental illness to have the option to undergo medically induced assisted suicide.

'According to a Leger poll commissioned by Postmedia, 45% of Canadians supported extending doctor-assisted suicide to adults who are seriously mentally ill. '

No conversion therapy (i.e. gay to straight), but cut off kids genitals and pump 'em full of hormones.

No God in public, but make government the god everywhere including in private.

No summer camp funding for those who don't pledge themselves to Moloch, but don't fuss about that oath to the Queen.

Yes to sticking a radical, ineffective gene therapy in those who don't need it.

Yes to sticking a needle in the unborn baby's head.

Yes to sticking a needle in the mentally ill.

This country is morally bankrupt.

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
07 dic 2023

Everyone voted for the NO and the hillarious part was that the result of this polling ended at the statement of the country is morally bankrupt.

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
26 oct 2023

According to a ledger poll, 45 percent of canadians support euthanizing the mentally ill. It's a controversial opinion that has sparked debate among canadians.

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Me gusta
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