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Kingston, Ont. man M. Haaima faces 76 charges in major sex crimes investigation

CTV News: 'Ontario Provincial Police say a 38-year-old Kingston man is facing 76 criminal charges following a lengthy investigation into numerous sexual crimes.

NAME: Michael Mark Haaima LOCATION: Kingston, ON

CHARGES: Sexual assault, sec. 271(1) - eighteen counts;

Unlawfully access child pornography, sec. 163.1 (4.1) - five counts;

Obtaining sexual services for consideration, sec. 286.1 (1) - four counts;

Forcible confinement, sec. 279 (2) - four counts;

Assault, sec. 266 - three counts;

Harassment by watching and besetting, sec. 264 (2)(c);

Overcome resistance to offence/attempt to choke, sec. 246 (a); - three counts

Criminal harassment by communication, sec. 264 (2)(b);

Sexual assault with choking, sec. 272 (1) (c.1); - four counts

Uttering threats/death or bodily harm, sec. 264.1 (1) (a) - four counts;

Compulsions to commit bestiality, sec. 160 (2);

Mischief under $5000, sec. 430 (4);

Invitation to sexual touching, sec. 152 - two counts;

Sexual interference, sec. 151; - two counts

Procuring/person under 18 years, sec. 286.3 (2);

Trafficking of a person under 18 years, sec. 279.11 (1);

Obtaining sexual services for consideration under 18, sec. 286.1 (2) - four counts

Overcome resistance to commit sexual assault, sec. 246 (a);

Sexual assault cause bodily harm sec. 272 (1)(c);

Luring for Invitation to Sexual Touching sec. 151;

Luring for Making Child Pornography sec. 172.1 (1)(b);

Aggravated sexual assault, sec. 273 (2)(b) - two counts;

Make child pornography, sec. 163.1 (2) - two counts;

Make available child pornography, sec. 163.1(3); - two counts

Possess child pornography, sec. 163.1 (4) - three counts;

Extortion, sec. 346 (1.1)(b); two counts

Assault with a weapon, sec. 267 (a); and,

Voyeurism, sec. 162 (1)

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