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King Murphy: Jagmeet Singh is an obedient lapdog for a regime he pretends to hate

National Post: 'Why is Singh supporting a party and a leader he condemns on one issue or another every second day? Why does he not use his leverage to demand a cancellation of the carbon tax, better treatment for Alberta, a withdrawal of confidence unless boil-water advisories are finally lifted by a fixed and near date? Why not insist that Parliament return to its full, non-remote functioning in the fall, demand far greater resources for the auditor general, make a determined push for a real and immediate inquiry into the invocation of the Emergencies Act, and accelerate the inquiry into the RCMP and the Nova Scotia mass shooting?

'None of these, I grant, would be as exciting as launching a fresh tweet into the angry void, or as innovative as a TikTok minute, but they would connect with real governance, and might even provoke the Trudeau government to step away for a minute from its global-warming obsession and tend to the needs and anxieties of most Canadians.'

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Nov 20, 2023

I think this was just a tact to step away Trudeau's government's global-warming obsession and focus on the needs of Canadians.

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