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Jesse Kline: C-11 will allow Liberals to control all that you see and hear online

National Post: 'Judging by the testimony before the heritage committee over the past few weeks, these measures are opposed by both the sites themselves and the Canadians who share content on them. The only people who seem to support them are the Liberals and the usual crowd who think no industry should be free from the control of our benevolent overlords in Ottawa.

'I wish I could tell you precisely how the legislation would affect those who share or consume user-generated media, but it appears as though even the government doesn’t know for sure....

'...When asked whether Sec. 4.2 of the act, which lists very broad criteria for what exactly would be considered a “program” for the purposes of regulation, would include content posted to social media, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez insisted it would not. Yet he was directly contradicted by Ian Scott, chair of the CRTC, who said that, “4.2 allows the CRTC to prescribe by regulation user uploaded content subject to very explicit criteria.”

'That “very specific criteria” includes content “uploaded to an online undertaking” that “directly or indirectly generates revenues” for a social media service. Given that sites such as YouTube make money from ads placed before videos, this could potentially encompass anything that is uploaded...'

Time to get an Onion Browser and a VPN.

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