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J.K. Rowling compares transgender wokism to Soviet Union

Breitbart: '“A spectre is haunting Eastern Europe: the spectre of what in the West is called dissent.”

'These words were penned by playwright and Czechoslovakian President Václav Havel in his 1978 essay The Power of the Powerless to describe the brutal drive for conformity in all things enforced by the communist Soviet Union in his homeland, and elsewhere across the Soviet bloc.

'Now, it seems, Havel’s words are being once again used by dissenters, but this time against the modern woke push for conformity in the ostensibly liberal West.

'In a Twitter thread responding to a post declaring that the statement “trans women are women” is being used to force biological women into bowing before the woke mob, author J.K. Rowling shared Havel’s parable of a greengrocer who hung up the Marxist creed “Workers of the World Unite” in his shop window in order to passively conform with the groupthink of the Soviet Union.'

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