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In arguing for emergency powers, Jagmeet Singh threw workers and the rule of law under the bus

National Post: 'In 2022, a minority Parliament grants Singh real power to defend liberty or enable state overreach. “No one wants to see a situation like the one in 1970 happen again,” he said, even as he decided to enable a similar situation. “Many people are worried that such a situation will happen again and I understand them.”

'The understanding Singh appears to have drawn from 1970 is one of a peculiar Quebec exceptionalism. “The NDP believes that there is no justification at this time for using emergency measures in Quebec,” he said. “We are asking for guarantees from the prime minister that emergency measures will only be used where they are really needed.”...

'...Singh’s peroration was a little red meat (Beyond Meat?) for the class struggle, noting that, “Working people have paid the price of this pandemic, while big companies took government money and gave out shareholder dividends and CEO bonuses.… Your anger — your fight — is not with other Canadians. It’s with those at the very top, the powerful who have built a system rigged against working people.”

'It is a strange class take on the trucker convoy. The convoy was a working-class, sometime vulgar, phenomenon. That doesn’t make it right, as if working-class people are not capable of bad decisions and bad actions. Yet what happened — what Singh supported — was a crushing of a working-class eruption by the strong arm of the state, enabled by big banks seizing their funds.'

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