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High cost of living is driving away immigrants, which means higher potential wages for citizens

CTV News: 'A new poll suggests 30 per cent of new, young immigrants to Canada could leave the country in the next two years. According to a national survey conducted by Leger for the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC), 30 per cent of new Canadians aged 18-34, and 23 per cent of university-educated new Canadians, said they are likely to move to another country in the next two years. While the Canadian adults and new Canadians surveyed both generally believed Canada provided a good quality of life for immigrants, researchers said Canadians were more likely to have a positive outlook on Canada's prospects for immigrants than the immigrants themselves....

'One of the challenges for immigrants raised in the survey is the cost of living in Canada. According to the survey, 75 per cent of new Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34 said they believe the rising cost of living means immigrants are less likely to stay in Canada, a statement with which 46 per cent of Canadians in the same age group also agreed.'

More immigrants means employers have more options and don't have to woo members of the extant talent pool with higher wages or benefits. Fewer immigrants mean that employers have to do more to entice Canadian citizens. This is a good thing. Sayonara, fair-weather workers.

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