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Good riddance to Ontario’s clotshot passport

Toronto Sun: Furey: 'Good riddance to Ontario’s vaccine passport. We never needed it in the first place.

'Let’s not forget that Ontario Premier Doug Ford was strongly against it before he was for it. “The answer is no, we’re not gonna do it,” Ford said at a press conference last July. “We’re not gonna have a split society.”

'But a split society is what we got, and not just for the unvaccinated who were denied entry. There’s also been a big divide between those of us who roll our eyes at these theatrics we begrudgingly go along with and those who relish them as some sort of marker of their misguided virtue.

'It looks like that divide isn’t going away with the official end of Ontario’s rules. There’s a small culture war commencing as the covid obsessed are demanding individual businesses voluntarily keep the passport in place.'

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