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General Rick Hillier simps for neoliberal puppet & neonazi compeer Zelensky, castigates Canada

National Post: Even in this deplorable set of circumstances however, we can do more. Can you imagine how inspiring it would be if we started by building on what we have done — provided troops on the ground. Part of the reason the Ukrainian defence forces have held the Russians so well is because of the incredible work done by trainers from the Canadian Armed Forces over the past several years. Why weren’t 25 of those men and women in Parliament Tuesday when the president spoke — a visceral representation of the best of Canada. And an example to follow. Send a brigade to reinforce NATO’s eastern flank in Poland — 5,000 soldiers. Strip the rest of the CAF to do it and give the CAF the money, and freedom, to immediately rebuild as well as support the deployment. Powerful action.

'Third, fight for that no-fly zone. Help NATO grow a backbone. Start the no-flight zone in western Ukraine, protecting routes for humanitarian evacuations; enlarge that area to all of western Ukraine; and flood eastern Ukraine with ground-based air defence at the same time. Communicate clearly to the Russian people that we are saving Ukrainians, not fighting Russians. Let Putin make the first move after that, in the face of our determination.'

Rick Hillier thinks Ukraine is worth a nuclear holocaust. More to the point: Hillier thinks Ukraine is worth one jot of Canadian blood. It isn't. Rick should go back to shoveling snow in Quebec.

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