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Gas exporters believe there is growing support in Canada for an LNG East Coast plant

Financial Post: 'Canada’s natural gas companies say there’s growing domestic support for new energy infrastructure to facilitate exports to Europe, even as the country pursues aggressive climate change targets.

'Tim Egan, president of the Canadian Gas Association, said he believes the public is beginning to recognize that boosting exports to countries like Germany is the most significant way Canada will be able to help counteract Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. He cited recent polling that shows widespread approval for a shift in policy.

'“I think Canadians are seeing what’s going on in Europe and are saying, ‘Look, there must be a way we can help,’” Egan said by phone.

'The energy crisis has given a boost to Canada’s fossil-fuel sector, which had been hemmed in for years by slumping prices and tightening environmental restrictions.'

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