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Freeland accused of being evasive during committee appearance on Ottawa’s use of Emergencies Act

Globe & Mail: 'Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland was repeatedly accused of providing evasive responses Tuesday evening as she appeared before a special joint committee of MPs and senators reviewing the government’s first-ever use of the powers contained in the federal Emergencies Act.

'Conservative, Bloc Québécois and NDP MPs all expressed strong frustration throughout Ms. Freeland’s 1½-hour appearance.

'“Everybody watching this committee right now can see that you’re just refusing to answer very basic questions. It’s to the point of almost being contemptible,” said NDP MP Matthew Green, whose party is part of a parliamentary co-operation agreement with the governing minority Liberal government.'

Freeland, who is an utterly incompetent buffoon, is desperate to become prime minister, so it would make sense she'd try to distance herself from Trudeau's inexcusable invocation of the Emergencies Act to crush peaceful Canadian citizen protesters.

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