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France may have to ration electricity this winter

Euronews: 'The French government is working on "load-shedding plans" that could see electricity and gas supplies reduced for some companies over the winter, Economy Minister Bruno le Maire confirmed on Sunday, warning that Russia is highly likely to turn off the tap.

'"Let's prepare for a total cut-off of Russian gas. This is now the most likely option," Le Maire told attendees at the Rencontres Economiques in Aix-en-Provence.

'This means that "you also have to prepare load-shedding plans, we are doing it."

'"It means looking in a very specific way at each company, each employment area; which are the companies that should reduce their energy consumption and which are the ones that cannot," he told reporters.

'Some companies could therefore be asked to "slow down their energy consumption, or even stop their energy consumption for a certain period of time" while it would be "totally impossible" for others to do so without triggering wider industrial repercussions," he explained.'

Ladies & gentlemen, we call this an unforced error. The West has plenty of oil, coal, & nuclear energy. It just would prefer to be reliant on Islamofascist & Russian supply while pretending to be green.

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Dec 22, 2023

This winter, France may face power shortages due to the country dependence on nuclear power.

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