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For Catholics, June isn't 'Pride Month.' It's dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Federalist: John Daniel Davidson: 'Corporate America, professional sports, Hollywood, and the entire executive branch of the federal government now claim June for the so-called “LGBTQIA+ community.” As far as they’re concerned, if you’re not sufficiently on board with “Pride Month,” you’re a bigot. Indeed, the whole concept of “Pride Month,” as my colleague Chris Bedford noted recently, has become less about inclusion and acceptance and more about “targeted campaigns to force submission to left-wing policies often far afield from even the radical goals of America’s first gay activists.”

'Christians and conservatives don’t have to accept this. We can reclaim June. One way to do that is to return to the well of the Catholic faith and draw from its depths. For Catholics, the month of June isn’t “Pride Month,” it’s dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and has been for centuries.

'Rather, devotion to the Sacred Heart is a personal and private commitment to enthrone Jesus as king in one’s own heart and king over one’s own home or family. Evangelicals might call it a rededication to making Jesus one’s “personal Lord and Savior.” Whatever you call it, the idea is to mark out June as a month dedicated to following Jesus as your king, drawing close to Him in devotion, and recognizing Him as truly the king of all hearts, the king of all kings, and the Savior of the world.

'This is something all Christians, regardless of denomination, could and should get behind. If we believe that Jesus Christ is king, let’s make Him the king over our private lives, over our families and homes, and order our days in the month of June to honor His kingship and draw near to Him in devotion.

'By doing so, we’ll gain a new understanding of His profound love for us, and in turn we’ll gain a deeper love for one another — the kind of compassion and charity that “Pride Month” once claimed to foster but which it now actively undermines.'

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