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Everybody (except Trudeau) is abandoning CCP Virus restrictions

National Post: The Freedom Convoy has been a smashing success in terms of putting pressure on the provinces to scrap the lockdown protocols.

'In just 24 hours, four provinces have announced major drawdowns on COVID-19 restrictions …

  • Saskatchewan announced that by Valentine’s Day, they are ending all proof-of-vaccinations requirements. “It’s time to heal the divisions over vaccination in our families, in our communities and in our province,” said Premier Scott Moe in a statement.

  • Quebec is lifting all pandemic restrictions by March 14, although they’re keeping the vaccine passport. “We’re all fed up,” Premier François Legault said on Tuesday.

  • Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced an imminent lifting of “damaging restrictions” such as the province’s vaccine passport as soon as the rate of severe COVID-19 patients had curbed enough to allow hospitals to return to normal.

  • P.E.I. announced a timeline to end all mask and vaccine mandates by April 7.'

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