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Environmentalists are, intentionally or not, in collusion with Vladimir Putin to undermine the West

American Greatness: 'Were it not for the green movement, Putin would not have been confident that he could get away with invading Ukraine. During Trump’s presidency, and due to his policies, the United States became independent of foreign oil for the first time. Within months of assuming power, the Democratic Party, an extension of the environmentalist movement, forced America to revert to dependence on foreign oil, including Russian oil. Beholden to the environmentalists, candidate Joe Biden made promise after promise to curtail oil and gas production: no new fracking on government land, no drilling in the Alaskan Arctic, and shutting down the Keystone pipeline.

'Putin got the message.

'So, thanks to environmentalists, not only is America once again dependent on foreign oil, Germany is dependent on Russian oil. Angela Merkel, another in a long line of foolish Germans, even shut down Germany’s nuclear reactor—which the greens in Germany applauded. They applauded it—despite the fact that nuclear energy is the only viable non-carbon energy that can sustain a country—because the environmentalist movement is not nearly as interested in the environment as it is in restructuring society. The environmentalist movement is as interested in protecting the environment as the communist movement was in protecting workers or the defund-the-police movement is in protecting blacks. The Democrats came into power in 2021. The average closing price of oil in 2020 was $39.68 a barrel; the closing price of oil in 2019 was $56.99 a barrel. As of this writing, it is $138 a barrel. The extremely high price of energy—a direct result of the environmentalist policies of the Democratic Party and the liberal and Left parties in Europe—is one of the two primary reasons for the ever-increasing rate of inflation. (The other reason is the result of another Democratic Party policy: the printing of trillions of dollars.)'

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