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Enviromarxist Guilbeault says government hasn't decided what to do with carbon tax after 2030

National Post: Petty authoritarian 'Steven Guilbeault told MPs Tuesday he doesn’t know what will happen to the country’s carbon tax after 2030, saying the government has only planned that far...

'...The carbon tax is set to rise by $15 per year from now until 2030 when it will reach $170 per tonne. The government estimates the carbon tax needs to rise that much to change consumer behaviour and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to respect Canada’s international climate commitments. Those commitments are in line with a goal of keeping temperature from rising more than two degrees Celsius.

'Canada’s 2030 target is to reduce emissions by between 40 and 45 per cent below 2005 levels, with a goal of reaching net zero by 2050.'

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