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Disgraced former Trudeau advisor threatens to sue Dr. Jordan Peterson for calling him 'corrupt'

The Post Millennial: 'Trudeau's former aid and longtime friend Gerry Butts says he has contacted his lawyers after a bout of words on Twitter with Dr. Jordan Peterson. “I gave Dr. Peterson three chances and a week to clean up his own room,” said Butts via Twitter on Wednesday “He declined, so he’ll be hearing from my legal counsel shortly.”'

What set off the thin-skinned weasel was Dr. Peterson's tweet, which read:

'"You are a stunningly corrupt and incendiary fool @gmbutts and the story will be the cowardice of your leader @JustinTrudeau and the lies of your damnable lying calumnous cronies."

'Butts then said he would "give" Peterson a "time limited" opportunity to "rethink" the tweet.'

Update: Jordan Peterson just posted: "My defence is firmly in place, legal and financial, so we'll both get a chance to air our dirty laundry. And I wouldnt count on having too much to donate to your charitable cause when the smoke clears."

Reminder: Butts was the sniveling anti-Albertan simp who fell on his sword for Trudeau after the SNC Lavalin corruption scandal was exposed.

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