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Dictatorship of woke capital: Twitter CEO is abusing investors' positions to advance leftist agenda

American Greatness: Adam Mill: 'Twitter has engaged in some pretty underhanded behavior. It famously censored the Biden laptop story which connected candidate Joe Biden to corrupt foreign payments for influence. Representative Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) now claims that the FBI fed Twitter what it knew to be false information that the laptop was a Russian hoax. Twitter also colluded with other tech giants to censor the story from reaching voters ahead of the election. The Federal Election Commission blessed this election interference a year later because it hurt the “Bad Orange Man.” Has Twitter done any of this for the benefit of the shareholders? It does not appear so.

'It wasn’t that long ago that news media organizations dismissed charges of political partisanship as conspiracy theories. Under normal conditions, competitor news organizations would not stake a position opposing the possibility of Twitter charting a new course away from censorship. Now they openly express alarm that a member of the conspiracy of partisanship might leave the fold.

'The mainstream press has published countless editorials and opinion pieces masquerading as news stories trying to influence public opinion to oppose Musk’s bid. Former Reddit CEO Ellen K. Pao offers fascinating insight into the authoritarians who demand thought conformity. In the newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos, Pao writes, “Musk’s appointment to Twitter’s board shows that we need regulation of social-media platforms to prevent rich people from controlling our channels of communication.” ...

'Twitter is supposed to be a private company. And it’s supposed to be owned by its shareholders who have a right to expect the board to pursue policies that make them money. Twitter is not making money for its investors. Its social justice agenda drives away users and loses money. Musk just offered to buy out the long-abused investors in order to liberate the business from the unprofitable practices of the woke C-suite.

'This is a microcosm of the modern corporate woke problem that allows social justice warriors to pursue personal agendas at the expense of other people’s money. Instead of protecting our interests, and without asking its owners, Twitter’s board acted according to the whims of Agrawal. Of course Agrawal wants to keep his power and obscene compensation. So in order to protect his sweet deal, the Board voted for a “poison pill,” which will cause shareholders to lose even more money....' [Full piece HERE]

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