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Cultural imperialist writing for Toronto Star calls on Canada to everywhere 'codisplay' rainbow flag

Toronto Star: Timothy Dewhirst: 'In Canada, the nation’s flag has become increasingly linked with the Freedom Convoy. The Canadian flag was regrettably co-opted, being often connected with those opposing vaccine mandates and other pandemic measures — such as wearing masks — meant to protect public health...

'...One possibility is the co-display of flags whereby “co-branding” is exercised. The idea is to seek symbols that can be perceived as strong complements and signal the values desirable to be aligned with. In practice, such an approach was observable when walking past the Canadian embassy in Seoul, Korea during the July 1 holiday weekend.

'A more sizable rainbow flag was visible alongside the Canadian flag. While the rainbow or pride flag is a symbol of the LGBT community, the commonly associated proclamation “Love Is Love” has wider applicability. The co-display of flags, near the building’s front entrance, cues that Canada aspires to be a nation of diversity and inclusiveness. Through co-branding, the Canadian flag can be effectively reclaimed. Now, consulate attention must turn to providing passports.'

So the Canadian flag has, of late, been associated with a freedom-loving, working-class movement? How horrible! Better swap it out for a symbol of godless eudemonism! Of anti-Christian bigotry and conformism.

What this comes down to: Cosmopolitan post-citizens want to exploit symbols of national pride to promote an anti-family, anti-Western, anti-normalcy, globalist agenda, which they reckon inclusive. It's cultural imperialism.

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jone martin
jone martin
Apr 22

I dint know about it, Canadian citizen celebrate their national day with different way that I don't know about it.

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