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Court rejects bid to ban imports from Communist China's slave region over forced-labor concerns

CTV News: 'Activists concerned about forced labour have lost a court bid for a general ban on the Canadian importation of all goods from the Xinjiang region of China. The Federal Court has rejected their application to overturn a Canada Border Services Agency decision that said the agency had no authority to enact such a ban....

'...They wanted the border agency to generally prohibit the importation of goods from Xinjiang on the basis that they have been mined, manufactured or produced wholly or in part by forced labour, unless there is clear evidence no coercion was involved....

'...In her recent decision, Federal Court Associate Chief Justice Jocelyne Gagne said she saw no element of either the Customs Act or the tariff in question that imposed a duty on the border agency to make a decision such as the one sought by the refugee group and its allies.'

Judge Jocelyne Gagne doesn't seem to take issue with importing goods from an enemy nation currently committing a genocide, heavily reliant on slave labor, and responsible for the manufacture and spread of the CCP Virus. But you can bet she has a Ukrainian flag in one of her windows showing 'solidarity' with the 'oppressed'.

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