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Conservative MP booted from parliamentary precinct for not disclosing clotshot status

National Post: Clot shot apartheid is here to stay, apparently.

'Cathay Wagantall, who represents the Yorkton-Melville riding in Saskatchewan, told a news conference on Parliament Hill that she was informed she would have to leave the House of Commons.

'Wagantall says she spoke with the Conservative House leader Friday, who informed her that though she could stay while the House was sitting, she would have to leave by the end of the day.

'The House’s board of internal economy set a requirement in November 2021 that anyone on the precinct must show proof of vaccination against COVID-19, though Speaker Anthony Rota later ruled the board overstepped its authority.

'The Liberals and NDP then joined to pass a motion to extend hybrid sittings of Parliament, which also specified that anyone entering the precinct must be fully immunized against COVID-19 or have a valid medical exemption.'

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