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Conrad Black: 'The gradual civic suicide of a society of rights'

National Post: '...In the name of climate change, economic warfare is conducted against the oil and gas-producing regions of the country and that entire economic sector. Higher energy costs and lower income for the fossil fuel industry are not acceptable consequences of legitimate public policy positions; they are infringements upon the civil and economic rights of citizens and businesses.

'Our health-care system, of which Canadians remain inexplicably proud, is arbitrarily rationing health care and is stunted by an inadequate number of doctors, much of it due to the persecution of private medicine. And our health-care systems are now reduced to the shame and indignity of promoting assisted suicide as death with dignity, which, incidentally, if widely enough practised, would bring down health-care costs along with life expectancy. Health-care systems are supposed to promote life, not death.

'Perhaps the greatest irony of recent public policy in Canada, and in all other advanced western countries, is that we spend more and more on education and yet have less and less well-educated graduates at almost every level. It is clear from the irresponsible behaviour of our teachers’ unions, repeatedly blackmailing parents with strike-threats, that they have little interest in the welfare of their students. They are effectively running daycare centres with a sprinkling of rudimentary academic instruction....'

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