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Conrad Black: Queen Elizabeth's 70 years of dutiful, faithful service to the world

National Post: "She has nowhere toiled more diligently than in her efforts to maintain a constructive relationship with all the disparate and fractious Commonwealth leaders, such as Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah, and with the many difficult personalities in the politics of India, which has had a complicated relationship with Britain for nearly 300 years. In her youth, during the abdication crisis of her uncle and his alleged status as an appeaser of Hitler, she conceived a vision of the Crown she was almost certain to inherit. It would transcend the demystification of royalty, the evaporation of Empire and the cynicism of a war-ravaged and partially dechristianized world. She was never a swashbuckling, rabble-rousing or otherwise proselytizing monarchist, but she has steadily surmounted all the ostensible demotions and trivializations of the monarchy over the past 70 years."

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