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Conrad Black: Let the baseless attacks against Poilievre begin!

National Post: 'As was foreseen by everybody in this country with any political opinions, the talking pablum of soft-left Canadian political comment waited for only the barest definition of the decent interval before slipping into the arena unobtrusively like picadors at a bullfight, harassing front-running Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre with variations of the hackneyed fiction that he is harshly insensitive to everyone except rich white people. This is the most dismally predictable political hatchet job in this country since the Liberal-NDP portrayal of former Conservative leader Andrew Scheer as a medieval homophobe and bead-rattling papist who would impose death on the rack for anyone seeking or facilitating an abortion. The starting pistol in this latest game was fired by our fanatically anti-Conservative national political press corps, with Stephen Maher of Maclean’s much-commented-on tweet that a large crowd of supporters that Poilievre had addressed in Calgary seemed to be made up of “a whole lot of white people. If I was Poilievre, I would be wondering why I am only attracting white people.”'

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