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Coercive AND incompetent: Ottawa admits some travelers were incorrectly told to quarantine

State Media: 'Ottawa says that due to a glitch with the ArriveCAN entry app, some travellers who recently entered Canada were sent erroneous notifications instructing them to quarantine.

'The admission comes at a time when the federal government is facing mounting pressure from politicians and tourism groups to scrap the COVID-19 screening tool, arguing it impedes tourism and creates headaches for some travellers.

'The ArriveCAN app certainly caused problems for Don and Karin Bennett of Burlington, Ont., after they returned to Canada on July 10 from a trip to Chicago.'

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Nov 29, 2023

This was not a mistake of the government it was just a glitch by the Arrivecan entry app so they were mis guided by the app and by mistake they sent those 2 people to quarantine.

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Oct 30, 2023

The Canadian government recently admitted that some travelers arriving in Ottawa were mislabeled for quarantine. This has been attributed to both coercive and incompetent behavior.

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