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Chrystia Freeland laughs maniacally about her totalitarianism in disturbing display

RedState: 'We are seeing the first results of that, as explained by Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, who decided this was all just hilarious. That’s before she started wildly twitching, which seems to be a thing she does often. Perhaps that’s part of a medical condition, but it appears Freeland just has panic attacks when speaking in public.

'This is incredibly disturbing, both because of the flippancy with which she talks about these actions and because of how totalitarian the actions themselves are.

'“De-banking” has become a term to describe the act of the government colluding with the banking system to target individuals with “adverse” political views. We’ve seen various examples of that over the years, but the push to punish people for wrong-think financially has really gained steam over the last year or so. Using terrorist financing laws, as Canada is doing, to freeze bank accounts without due process is a tactic meant to intimidate and silence. After all, if government officials can take your livelihood with the stroke of a pen, is it really worth opposing them?...

'...What are Trudeau and his cohorts doing? Well, they are centralizing their power to act in a dictatorial way in order to demand subservience to the state’s will. That sounds rather totalitarian to me. Now, I realize bad-faith actors will want to quibble over the details, claiming that other parts of Canada’s system remain free from such interference, but doing so is incredibly obtuse. Modern political actions can be totalitarian in nature without being the equivalent of what happened in Soviet Russia or Hitler’s Germany.'

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