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Christian crowdfunding site GiveSundGo hacked, donors doxed, by statist cyberterrorists

The Post Millennial: Bootlicking basement dwellers who support medical tyranny and totalitarian encroachment want to take up the punishment of the working class where corporatists and statists left off. They want to take out protesters' way of raising funds, knowing that Woke Capital only donates to identitarian neoMarxist terrorists these days. Curious how the hackers would do precisely what Klaus Schwab's puppet Trudeau would want them to--what TD Bank and other financial institutions have been trying to do. It should surprise no one that these statist cyberterrorists are fascists doing the bidding of big government.

'A file was also posted which was allegedly containing tens of thousands of names of donors to the Freedom Convoy. Shortly after the hack was noticed and began trending on social media, the website was restored and as of time of publication it appears that GiveSendGo has corrected for the hack. On Friday, the Ontario government successfully petitioned a court to freeze access to millions of dollars donated through online fundraising platform GiveSendGo for the Freedom Convoy currently in the third week of protesting onerous COVID-19 restrictions in Ottawa and several border crossings.'

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