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Children among 2,000 Canadians who suffered heart problems following clot shots, data shows

Life Site News: 'A six-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy are among the more than 2,000 Canadian reports of fatal and potentially lethal heart disorders after COVID shots, according to Health Canada.

'Among 2,048 reports of cardiac events following COVID shots up to and including February 25, 2022, there were 103 reported heart attacks, 45 reports of “cardiac failure,” 41 reports of cardiac arrest, and 1,857 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis, serious inflammatory conditions of the heart muscle or lining of the heart, respectively.'

Too bad we can't sue the big pharmaceutical companies who gave us their leaky, dangerous, and ineffective gene therapies along with claims that they'd be totally safe (and that there were no adverse effects).

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