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Chad Conservative senator MacDonald derides Ottawa residents in video

CTV News: 'A Conservative senator from Nova Scotia was seen on a video deriding the response of people who live in Ottawa to recent protests, saying he’s sick of their entitlement and “six-figure salaries and 20-hour work weeks....“It’s a cross-section of Canadians who have said we have had enough of the bullying, and the duplicity and the lies,” he said.'

'In the video, MacDonald said he wanted protesters to leave Windsor, Ont., and other places they are interfering with transportation, "but in Ottawa, I don’t want them to leave,” he added. He mocked the response of Ottawa residents to the protests, saying: “Oh, I hear this all the time – ‘They’re in our city’ – It’s everybody’s f------ city.” “This is the capital of the country. It’s not your goddamn city just because you have a six-figure salary and you work 20 hours a week,” he says.'

In the video recorded near Parliament Hill, Sen. Michael MacDonald expressed support for the patriots who peacefully protested the federal Liberal regime's medical tyranny for the past few weeks.

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