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CBC makes big deal about handful of pro-pharma, anti-freedom protesters blocking convoy in Edmonton

State Media: 'A vehicle convoy making its way into Edmonton's downtown Saturday afternoon ran up against an unexpected roadblock — a couple of dozen people on foot and bikes who brought the convoy to a grinding halt.

'Photos posted on Twitter at about 1:30 p.m. showed a long line of eastbound trucks stretching down River Valley Road. In their path were counter-protesters standing in the pedestrian crosswalk at Fortway Drive.

'The protesters were wearing masks and carrying signs with slogans like "Honk if you love vaccines" and "Let the babies nap."

'"Well, we decided to block one artery of the convoys today," Jason Rockwell said in a post on Twitter. "We all have the right of assembly."

Power to them. They do indeed have the right of assembly. It's just a little rich after weeks of castigating and smearing anyone who might take to the streets to protest medical tyranny that state media should now extol the virtue of a handful of protesters; rich like the interests these particular protesters are supporting. I\

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