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Carson Jerema: The anti-Poilievre left retreats from reality

National Post: 'Pierre Poilievre’s critics, specifically those on the left, are in a permanent state of hysteria. They have no reference point for a conservative who criticizes institutions, the “gatekeepers” that are, he says, keeping regular people from getting ahead. Nor can his critics reconcile the fact that Poilievre is appealing both to the establishment of his party, as well as to those who don’t usually participate in politics. A liberal who behaves like this is “doing politics differently,” while Poilievre is clearly a “populist” with an unsavoury agenda.

'Consider the reaction to the Conservative leadership front-runner’s latest campaign ad where he makes an appeal for Canadians to “reclaim” their freedom. Radio host Charles Adler accused Poilievre of trying to appeal to “old stock” (white) Canadians and compared him with Donald Trump. Former Maclean’s columnist Tabatha Southey suggested that the ad was evidence Poilievre is a “fascist,” and political scientist Emmett Macfarlane called it “alt right.” Plenty of others described it variously as “racist” and “white supremacist.”

'Presumably none of these people thought they might need to get a grip, but they really should check their grip. As much as Poilievre’s critics wish he was Trump, so that they could pretend to be the American resisters they clearly want to be, he appears to be pretty normal, even boring.'

It's intriguing that the identitarian, iconoclastic, revisionist, bigoted, elitist, and technocratic degenerates who now make up the Canadian left can't help but project anywhere and everywhere.

While they accuse opponents of racism, it's the Canadian left going about peddling race-based acrimony, divisive identipolitik, and identitarian neo-Marxism.

While they accuse opponents of fascism, it is the Canadian left who has formed a collusionary union with Big Media, Big Tech, Woke Capital, law enforcement, and the state.

While they accuse opponents of sexism, they deny the very fundamentals of femininity and the biological reality of womanhood.

The Canadian left is constituted largely of historically agnostic, ungracious, mentally-obese degenerates. A lot of them are also batshit crazy. Here's Dave Foley, Tabatha Southey's ex-husband, discussing her impairment:

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