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Canucks wha hae

Canucks went forth where truckers led

To call for mandates be struck dead

Rounded up ‘cause Trudeau said

No more shall be free.

No more will you roam the land

Klaus Schwab and friends, they have it planned

You’ll own nothing and wear our brand.

Serfs, meet your new kings.

Who would be a traitor knave

What can fill a coward’s grave

Who so base as be a slave

Let him turn and flee.

Keep on honking, Canada

True north, strong free, oh Canada

Don’t let them kill our Canada

Open the windows on the House.

From coast to coast they brought the flame

Of suffering inflicted in the name

Of fear the feds sowed with the aim

To rule without critique.

The fire that burns, n'one put it out

But poured on gas, mucking about

With silly words inspiring doubt

That any are fit to lead.

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