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Canadians campaign to stop condo development at D-Day landing site

CTV News: 'A group of Canadians is petitioning the federal government to stop a proposed condo development on Juno Beach in France, where hundreds of Canadians died during the D-Day landings of the Second World War. Cindy Clegg of the Save Juno Beach campaign spoke to CTV News Channel on Saturday about the efforts she and others are making to raise awareness about the controversial development. French property developer Foncim plans to build a 70-unit condominium on the beach, one of five in Normandy, France, that was stormed by the Allies on D-Day, June 6, 1944, to free Nazi-occupied Europe.'

Next time Europe needs young Canadian men to fight, bleed, and die to protect it, let's keep in mind that the corresponding sacrifices will be forgotten and made light of in less than a single lifetime; that the Europeans have made it a habit of squandering victories and doing their best to undermine the civilization secured by their forebears.

Have your condos but keep your incestuous wars to yourselves.

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