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Canadian state media admits that natural immunity is essential

Counter Signal: Lambert: '“It’s clear that reinfections from this coronavirus are the norm, much like with those behind the common cold. Unfortunately, that also means early speculation about one-and-done bouts of COVID-19 offering immunity against future infections has long gone out the window,” writes the CBC in an article.

'While it’s true that many have gotten reinfected with COVID, a study has found that those who received the Moderna vaccine are more likely to be reinfected, possibly indefinitely, due to the vaccine lacking crucial antibodies...

No kidding. Those not bamboozled by Big Pharma propaganda and or by the medical tyranny that fast emerged in the West have known this for years. Contrast Sweden and Israel, the latter being the most jabbed country in the world. The latter has far higher rate of re-infection not to mention a whole litany of jab-related problems.

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Peter Bately
Peter Bately
May 28

It's encouraging to see acknowledgment from Canadian state media regarding the importance of natural immunity in combating diseases.

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Oct 31, 2023

Canada's official media has recently recognized that natural immunity is essential in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases.

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