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Canadian military poised to end clot-shot mandate

Ottawa Citizen: 'Canadian Forces members discharged from service because they disobeyed an order to get vaccinated against COVID-19 will have the opportunity to re-enrol, according to leaked details of the military’s revised vaccination policy.

'That policy, expected to be unveiled later this summer, will put an end to the military’s vaccine mandate, which was introduced in October 2021.

'Under the updated policy, service members will no longer have to attest to their vaccine status and new recruits will no longer have to be fully vaccinated to enrol in the Canadian Armed Forces.'

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Nov 28, 2023

Due to this policy, service members need not to attest vaccine status and new recruits will not be fully vaccinated to enroll Canadian Armed Forces.

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Nov 09, 2023

The canadian military is set to end its long standing mandate of mandatory clonus shot vaccinations for all members of the canadian forces. This decision has received mixed reactions from both the army and the public.

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